And it all begins with a question…

Question. Research/Investigate. Discuss. Reflect.

Inquiry based learning makes a heck of a lot of sense to me.

What is Inquiry Based Learning?


Worth it!

So I seem to have come to a point in my life where I am doing more work than I need to.  By choice.  Occasionally for fun.  What. Is. Happening.

Of course this isn’t in every area of my life; in fact it seems to be only in relation to my PIDP classes, or maybe to my learning in general.  I am seeking out processes and resources that will likely add work, but will also increase my learning.

The first time I really noticed that this was happening was when I came across this lovely resource:

Using the Reader’s Guide to Increase Reading Compliance and Metacognitive Awareness

We had been discussing challenges around doing assigned readings – challenges of our own, as well as challenges faced when trying to get students to do readings as well.  I’m currently working on PIDP 3250 (Instructional Strategies), and a major part of this course (the online version) is an online discussion forum.

So anyway, we’d been talking about assigned readings.  As a student I’ve always struggled with readings, even though I love reading for pleasure.  I’ve always just forced myself to do them, as long as there was an assignment or exam connected to it.  Otherwise I skipped it.

Then I found this resource.  What a great guide!  It gives students clear steps and activities to follow when they are doing an assigned reading – activities that will build understanding and metacognitive skills, as well!

What’s weird to me about my excitement around finding this guide is that… I can’t wait to use it as a student!  I know that it will increase the work I need to do when completing an assigned reading but I actually think it is worth it.  What’s happening??  I am simply becoming a more self directed student in general?

And how can I use this as a facilitator?  Can I help them get to this place as a learner, as well?  I can’t wait to find out!