This is me.

Report card day! Look who finally learned how to swim! #2levelsinoneset #phenom

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This is also me.  My name is Anne, and I turned 35 at the end of 2014.  My 30s have been amazing; I’ve finally realized how to harness that relentless restlessness inside of me for constructive purposes.  I have always been the great destroyer – never happy with the old or comfortable, always wanting to see what was around that distant corner.

In 2014 I learned how to swim, how to play tennis, and how to really enjoy red wine.  I learned that I like doing things, not just looking at things.  Now, I want to learn about learning.

I am taking the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College and this blog will house some of my assignments, musings, and document my journey as I hopefully become a facilitator that encourages others to want to learn as much as I do.


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