My Personal New Year

I’m almost finished the coursework portion of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program.  Once I am finished Professional Practice, I will have one class left, and then just the Capstone Project.


This is a very old photo.

I’m also about to have a birthday, which is my favourite opportunity to reflect and then look forward.  New Year’s shmew years.  This is my personal new year.

It’s been a heck of a year.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a year of better professional development, as I just started a new job that will allow me to apply and work on so many of the skills that I’ve learned in PIDP.  I had a plan in January: I would be in a new position with instruction and curriculum development as the main focus by the end of the year (done by November!).  I also planned to have finished the coursework by now, but that would have been insane.  Plans need to be flexible.

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t learn that much from my courses.  I’ve done lots of professional development courses and it usually feels like as long as you show up and sign in on the sheet, you get the certificate.  Easy peasy.

Not so with this program.  I have learned so much, and most importantly I have learned what I need to continue to focus on with my learning.  I haven’t left with a list of “I can do this”, but more a list of “Here is what I will work on”.  It’s perfect… will give me something to do over the next year!


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