I Wanna Get Better

I feel like I have been faced with the task of examining my commitment to lifelong learning a few times during my program now.  I think the goal is to recognize the importance and value of continual professional development, even when it is hard or expensive or maybe even a bit of a blow to the ego.


But, I protest, I LOVE learning!  I don’t need to go through this exercise!  I’m super good at evaluating my strengths and weaknesses and identifying opportunities for growth!  I never get stuck in a professional rut and fight against the idea that there may be a better way of doing things!


So maybe I need a plan.  Once this program is over how will I implement the things that I have learned and how will I continue you to grow?  I found this fun little article that suggests that teachers train like actors or athletes, breaking down what we do into practicable chunks – and then actually practice doing them!

Why Teachers Should be Trained Like Actors

I LIKE this idea.  I can read and write about all sorts of strategies and techniques, but it’s the doing that freaks me out and that fear that prevents me from experimenting in the classroom.  But if I had a ‘facilitators’ workshop’ to go to and try stuff out… hhmmmmm…..


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