Accreditation and accountability

We want students to be responsible and accountable for their own learning, and even have them use self assessments to determine if they have met learning goals… but at the end of the day, who writes the rubric that guides their assessment?  Who determines if they pass?  Educators and administration.  Because assessment without outside guidance means a lack of confidence in results.  And isn’t accreditation sort of the same thing?

I am a professional, that works in a professional workplace, where myself and my colleagues are accountable and care about the quality of our work.  And yet we are not perfect.  We don’t have enough time, often, to check all the boxes for all the things… and sometimes we don’t prioritize important matters until they are, well, priorities.  For example, we had a gas leak scare the other day in our new office, and with the move and some staff changes, we didn’t have a health and safety protocol in place.  This is extremely important for the safety of our clients and our staff.  And yet, it hadn’t made it to the top of the pile yet.

We are currently undergoing an accreditation process, and our coordinator happened to be on site when we evacuated.  It was an excellent opportunity for him to identify an area that we are lacking, and to draw up a plan to fix it.

Accreditation provides us with guidelines and keeps us accountable – which is so necessary when budgets are being cut and staffing levels are tight.  We are human, and sometimes we need reminders of all the things that are important to the quality of our work.


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