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I was pretty excited to get into Chapter 6 of “The Skillful Teacher”, because it is an area that I could use some serious skill development; Lecturing Creatively.

I fall back on lecture all. the. time.  Too much.  And that approach isn’t often challenged in my place of work.  I find that participants in my workshops come back weeks later and demonstrate to me that they didn’t learn much.

That being said, I don’t think abolishing lecture is the way to go, especially not right away.  I might be able to create fully learner centred workshops over the next year or so, but as we work towards that lecture needs to stay – but needs to get better.

The general theme of much of the chapter is around ensuring that lecture is more than just two hours of one sided information transmission; keep it short, organized, and interspersed with discussion, guided question periods, and other more active learning methods.

The Eight Minute Lecture Keeps Students Engaged

The Skillful Teacher


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