Where Do I Want To Be in Five Years?

tofino hike I just started a new job.  Actually, I start in 2 weeks, but it’s an internal position so I’m doing 2 jobs at once.  Yes, it’s exhausting.  But it is worth it.

I work in career development, so I think about where I want to be in five years all the time.  My career is something that I manage very actively.  Subscribing pretty faithfully to Planned Happenstance theory means that I strategize constantly, arranging professional development and relationships to create opportunities for myself.  The effort and financial cost is well worth it.

But the real key to this outlook is to grab opportunities when they present themselves.  I’ve been working as a case manager for nearly 3 years, and when the opportunity to get back in a classroom and dig my hands into curriculum development full time found it’s way into my inbox, I knew that this was it.  This was my chance to set in motion the strategy for the next five years.

John Krumboltz’s Happenstance


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