Letting Students Redo Assignments

Chew on this:

“Whether a student was initially irresponsible or responsible, moral or immoral, cognitively ready or not is irrelevant to the supreme goal: learning.”

From: Redos and Retakes Done Right


One thought on “Letting Students Redo Assignments

  1. I am a HUGE believer in learning from mistakes. In one of my drafting courses, I let students resubmit assignments with corrections, and give them the opportunity to make 1/2 of lost marks back.
    I also find that telling students about real-world mistakes helps them learn a lot more than dry facts. When I tell them about an expensive bolt of Italian wool that permanently stained from one drop of water, and we didn’t find out until after we sewed up all of our samples, they suddenly understand the value of fabric testing.
    We are in program development right now, and one of my DREAMS is to have a class that’s all about screwing up. Imagine how much we’d learn! I’m going to steal the link to this article, thanks!


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