I’ve Got a Ways to Go

I have a friend that is an elementary school teacher.  Throughout my PIDP experience, I’ve been annoying him with all the new ideas, theories, and philosophies that I am learning about and embracing.  The conversation usually goes “you should try this!”  and then “that won’t work because of this constraint or this structure or this other reason”.  And I assume he is just making excuses because he’s afraid to try something new.

Well, looks like I’m being a jerk again.  Because low and behold – I do the same bloody thing.

I took the Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) this week, and boy oh boy did I learn some things.  I want to nurture, I believe in nurturing, I am all about the nurturing perspective… but what do I do?  My actions fall firmly in the land of transmission perspective.  And why do I do that??

Number 1: because of what, where, and who I teach, the existing structure supposes a transmission style of teaching.  I’m working on changing that, and I need to be patient because it will take time.

Number 2: I am new at this, and I’m not all that confident yet. Thank you to that video on the TPI results page for helping me to realize that the more confident I become, the more I will do what I believe!

So my main takeaways are: be patient (my life story, ps), plan and teach with intention, and have a little more understanding when I am talking about perspectives and methods with teachers!  In the meantime, I’m going to go and apologize to my friend.


Oh and I took this survey too.  Got 19/19.  So you know, there’s that. (A warning:  that link will take you to a quiz about the worst pop song in Canadian history.  You’ve been warned.)


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