ROW, ROW, ROW your… course?

10400275_14596790382_4201_nI came across Dan Pink’s TED talk on motivation last week.

The Puzzle of Motivation

I don’t work in an office where we can operate on the pure Results Only Work environment principles, because we work with the public, in a government funded contract.  Not only do we have targets to meet, we are told how to meet them.

But, I have been able to experience this environment in some of my PIDP classes.  The first time, in Curriculum Development, it was a total shock.  Here are the assignments, here are some resources to support you in completing them, they are all due at the end of the course, and GO!

I took me a couple of weeks to realize how to operate within this environment; I’m so used to having my hand held and being directed through every process in my learning and work that I was at a loss and honestly kind of annoyed.

I have to figure out how to do this??  Seriously??  And then… oh.  Of course.  Maybe I will learn something.  I’m sure you can guess how that story ends 😉


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