My Greatest Weakness

I fully intended to take PIDP 3260 (Professional Practice) as my last course for the program.  It just made sense as a wrap up for everything that I had learned, and how I would be reflectively and consciously applying it.  Due to a scheduling issue, I’m taking it a semester(ish) early, and I’ve realized this morning that I wasn’t feeling totally prepared.

So I decided to have a little think about what this course could mean to me, and why it would be important (aka, finding relevancy).  It didn’t take long,

I teach workshops on job search skills, including interviewing effectively.  My favourite interview question is “what is your greatest weakness”.  I love being asked it, I love preparing for it, and I love teaching people how to approach it.  This question is asked for one purpose; to find out if a candidate is aware of their own imperfections, and has been willing and ready to do the work to improve.  And every answer that I have to this question is one that does not fill me with shame about those imperfections, but with pride that I have had the courage to look at myself and say ‘I could be better’.  Even when it is hard and hurts and is easier to blame someone else or run away, to instead stay and learn and grow – when I answer this question I sit a little taller because I know that I worked really hard to be better.

And I think that this is what this course will be about for me.


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