Just Say Yes!

One of my classmates started an online discussion last week, about critical and creative thinking.  Do the two types of thinking help each other?  Hinder each other?  Are there times we need one more than the other?  And so on…

So someone posted about using brainstorming sessions to encourage creative thinking.  As someone that dabbles in introversion, brainstorming sessions can sometimes be intimidating and really challenging, if I haven’t had a chance to think about it beforehand.  As someone that also dabbles in being outgoing and talking too much, sometimes that just translates as me not saying anything until halfway through the session… and then not shutting up.

I found this article that gives some nice helpful suggestions around engaging those that identify as introverted in brainstorming sessions:

How to Brainstorm with Introverts

Now, the most interesting suggestion (to me), is to incorporate improv, or at least some of the rules of improv, into session.  The idea of doing improv in the classroom is a really interesting idea to me, and I’d like to explore if further.  The main ‘tenets of improv’, from How Improv Can Open Up the Mind to Learning in the Classroom and Beyond, are:

  1. Let go of your agenda
  2. Listen in order to receive
  3. Build on what you receive
  4. You can’t be wrong
  5. Make your partner look brilliant
  6. Keep moving forward

I see so much potential for incorporating improv into the classroom, mostly due to numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5.  The youth that I work with often struggle with communication skills, and using improv to help them build those skills, as well as helping them learn to work with others is a really exciting idea.  I could see using this early in a course or program to build connections between students and get their creative juice flowing, as well as giving them an opportunity to work on taking risks in a consequence free zone!


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