Well, This is Terrifying.

I have never written a blog post before.  I’ve entertained the idea (as I secretly think I’m hilarious), but I’ve never found a cohesive topic that I could base a blog around.  Enter VCC’s PIDP program, and here we are.

What you will find here are some of my course assignments and other musings of mine as I work my way through this diploma program of adult education.  I’ve created a twitter account to go along with this blog as I find 140 characters is a more natural form of expression for me – please feel free to give me a follow or engage with me through Twitter if that floats your boat!

I hope that some of the resources I post here will be helpful for others navigating the same journey as me, and that I can engage with other educators, instructors, and those generally interested in adult education and instructional design.


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